Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Blahs and Blogger's Block

I've got a case of the book blahs! I haven't really read much lately. I haven't really wanted to read much lately. And I've got a case of blogger's block- I haven't really felt like blogging about anything that I have read.

I think what I need is a breathtaking, exciting, new, fun, fantastic book to get me out of this funk. I need to be excited about reading again, and so excited that I want to blog about it.

Got any book suggestions for me?


  1. Hmm... are you liking The Help? I've heard it was good. My mom bought it for a guy co-worker of hers, and I thought that was weird. I'm sorry you have blogger's block :( That is sad. I just read a Jane Austen novel, but I wouldn't recommend those to anyone. :P

  2. Siggs, have you ever read Ender's Game?
    I'm not sure it is really your style, but seriously a great book.